The Problem with the Problem

“Cat on Campus” is an officially recognized Student Organization at South Texas College. We are a group of students and staff members who like to watch kitty videos on YouTube care about the stray cats living on our campus.


Campus Cat

A stray campus cat searching a student’s purse for food.

We feed the cats. We try to catch and get them spayed or neutered and upgraded with a rabies vaccination, so we can effectively and humanely put a stop to the growing population of cats on our campus. When all is done, the cat will be returned to his or her colony and live a better and healthier life.


A lot of people believe that nature “should take care of that problem”. If you are one them, congratulations, you recognized there is indeed a problem. The problem with problems is: no one will solve it but you.


Cats are domestic animals. They have been for thousands of years. Feline overpopulation is not nature’s responsibility. It is ours. Don’t be part of the problem, be the solution! Start helping today!


Rescue Kitten Olaf

Yes, this is a picture of one of our sweet rescue kittens. We posted it on purpose to watch your heart melt into a sugar puddle of cuteness overload.