How come that every time somebody wants to save the world, they can’t do it without my money?



We spend our own dough. We are poor students and academics with a giant superman-complex. Thing is, stray cats are usually not the most social hams. We get hissed at, scratched, stinky-eyed, generally treated like an intruder on the scale of creepy aliens invading the holy candy land. Ever tried to fish out a momma cat and her kittens from a gutter? It’s World War III, guys, at least for the momma cat.

Sure, there is some purring and leg rubbing and the warm tender feeling of satisfaction when we see a fed kitty with a well rounded belly but let’s be honest: It’s not a very thankful job. Especially, if we want to drag Mr.FantasticLoverCat to the vet.



We need your help and support. The TNR-project is something, one person alone can’t kick-start. But what we cannot do alone, we can manage together. You visited our page and we are certain from now on you will look at our campus cats different. If we don’t get the feline population growth under control, there will be euthanasia left and right.


How can you help?

  1. By donating your time. Spreading the word raises the awareness. Inform your family and neighbors about Hidalgo County’s Low Cost Spay and Neutering options. Become a cat-club member. Or volunteer to host a spayed female cat for a few day while she is recovering from her surgery.
  2. Donate Cat Food.
  3. Donate Money. Neutering a male cat will cost us $20. Spaying a female cat costs $40. We have approximately 40 cats on campus.

Currently, we can only accept donations in person. We are working at an online solution.

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